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Conception système pour detection des serums (avec Ardiuno)

Conception système pour detection des serums (avec Ardiuno)

General Introduction

The progress made in recent decades in the fields of microelectronics,

micromechanics, and wireless communication technologies have produced with a reasonable

cost and a few cubic millimeters in volume components named sensor nodes.

These small devices equipped with advanced sensing functionalities and a small processor

operate independently and communicate with each other via short-range transmissions in

order to build a global view of a monitored region. Thus, new areas of investigation have been

opened to provide remote monitoring and data processing in complex environments through

sensor nodes which form collectively a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The application

scenarios for WSNs are several, including military supervision, commercial, environmental,

medical, manufacturing and home automation, despite this advances, security continues to be

a main challenge that must be resolved.

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